Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snickers Satisfies:)

First off, I'm not going to be blogging about the candy bar which happens to bear the name of my new kitty:)

It has been four long years that I have been feline-less. I had my cats Molly and Tigger for over 17 years and they both were put to sleep within two months of each other in 2006 around this same time. That was over half of my life that I had them. I didn't think another cat would ever compare.

Right now I live with my parents as I try to recover from the financial raping inflicted on me by my former dentist and my dad is in the midst of kidney failure and is on dialysis. It's a very depressing situation for everyone, but especially for him. My mom is currently trying to get her RN License and in the course of her studies read up on how having a pet relieves a lot of stress and can help combat depression. She has never liked cats and said that after Molly and Tigger she would never have anymore. My dad was the one that took Molly to the Humane Society and even though he claimed he didn't like her (he really loved Tigger), he said he didn't want another cat because of the possibility of having to face their loss again.

Last month my Aunt Evelyn announced at a family party that her friend Ellen was giving away a cat that belonged to her meth addict son who is currently in jail. She can't take care of the cat and wanted to give him a good home. She also said it was a Persian-Siamese mix. My mom instantly perked up and said she would like to take the cat.

And so, last week Ellen brought the cat over.

He is majestic and not Persian-Siamese, though I can see why Ellen though that. A friend that worked at a veterinarian clinic said that he looks like a rare breed called Snowshoe which are very docile and love people and very smart. They have Siamese ancestry which accounts for the cat's beautiful coloring. Ellen said her son called the cat "Freddy" but for such a majestic creature, that name would never do. The minute I looked in his beautiful blue eyes I knew that he was an aristocat and that his real name was Aloysious Q Crumb IV. My brother said he looked like his name should be Snickers, and so that's what it is. However during the past week that he's been with us, he's just been called "Kitty".

He is awesome! He LOVES to be petted and insists on it all the time and even more than that he loves his long fur to be brushed. He never stops talking, except for the 20 hours that he sleeps. And my mother absolutely loves him because without any real direction, he knew where the litter box was, even when we changed it out of the room that he was hiding in when he first arrived. My dad loves him too and always wants to know where he is.

I love him too because I think he is Molly reincarnated. Molly would always talk, she had a certain way she would walk and Snickers walks just like it. She would also always suck on the blankets on the bed and knead them with her paws like she was getting milk from her mother (which she didn't know long, we found her in some bushes when she was only a couple days old) and Snickers does this too. He also really resembles her in his facial markings.

He is two years old and I hope he's around as long, if not longer, as Molly and Tigger were.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So I Gots "the Sugar"

Last week I had a doctor's appointment so that I could get something to tame my horrible anxiety lately as it seems I'm stuck in my job. Along with getting pills for that I had some blood work done and a urinalysis. The results came back and it turns out I have diabetes, type II.

That sucks...however, I knew it was coming considering that my dad has it, his father had it and so do all of his sisters. That and my weight are contributing factors.

It makes me feel like I can't eat anything because let's face it, my dad is the best example of what NOT to do when one is diabetic. I'm going to be seeing a diabetes nutritionist soon, but for now I'm going to stick with vegetables and some fruit.

So goodbye delicious sugary sweet foods! Goodbye sumptuous salty foods! It's been fun but thanks for nothing.

I really think I can get it under control cause it's not that bad, but still.

Oh, and hello exercise!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

No Easter Here

Remember how I b*tched and moaned about working through Christmas vowing never to do it again? Why didn't I think at that time "let's make sure not to work on the other Christian holiday" which happens to be Easter.

Guess who's working? That's right...me!

Nothing says remembering the Savior and his Crucifixion and Resurrection like listening to some jerk whine about their unpaid bill or how I work for the most evil company in the world or how their phone won't work...even worse are the nice people who apologize for calling up on Easter...THEN DON'T DO IT!!!!!

This week I'm bidding on a new shift and there are quite a few with Sundays off. Please pray that I get one!! It'll at least cure the problem of Easter next year and Christmas will be taken care of by the fact that I haven't been able to use any sick time so far.