Monday, December 04, 2006

Would You Believe I Watch Something Besides Bewitched?

If you know me you understand that I pretty much only watch "Bewitched", the GREATEST, the GREATEST TV show of all time! It used to be when I watched any show from the 60s, I would realize that on another stage somewhere Elizabeth Montgomery and crew were filming their episodes so what was the point in watching anything but "Bewitched"? I do have to clarify that there were three exceptions which were "I Dream of Jeannie", "the Munsters" and "the Addams Family" only because they fell in the fantasy realm. It there was a 60s TV show on and it wasn't fantasy I wouldn't have any of it.

Recently Time-Life did something unprecedented and that was to release an entire TV series all at the same time on DVD, and that series was "Get Smart". For those of you who are not familiar with this show, it is a spy-spoof series starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. It ran on NBC from 1965 - 1970 (during "Bewitched"'s hey-day). I remember watching it when I was little, but only because it was probably on before/after "Bewitched" and I don't remember being impressed because Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) certainly couldn't disappear fly nor could his partner, Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon). Anyway, back to Time-Life...not only were they releasing the entire series in one fell swoop but they were including extras that were beyond anyone's wildest imagination including rare bloopers, Don Adam's 75th Birthday Roast, and his memorial.

At the recommendation of several people who had seen the show and knew my likings in TV I bought it. The main reason was I really just wanted to see the set for myself and imagine what "Bewitched" would be like if given the same treatment. So far "Bewitched" has had four seasons released with crappy cover artwork and extras only on the first two seasons...the second season extra, a "blooper" reel which was really just inconsistencies from that season highlighted, not really counting.

To my surprise I'm LOVING "Get Smart"!! The writing and the acting are superb and it's just so entertaining! I would totally recommend anyone to get this set...if not for the fact that it's a great TV show but if other studios see that it's all right to release a TV series all at once than they will do it and try to mimic this fantastic set.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Winds of change....

Frankly, I'm tired of things changing so much and so quickly! If you were to take a look at my life one year ago it wouldn't resemble much of what is going on now...the nail in the coffin about my feelings about all this change was last night when I went to go pick up some hamburgers from one of the two Artic Circle restaurants close to my house. I went to the one that makes THE best vanilla ice cream cones only to find to my utter horror and disappointment it had been torn down and the ground raized in order for the car dealer right next to it to expand their lot. Now where the heck am I going to get good ice cream for cheap??? For certain, the other Arctic Circle doesn't know how to make ice cream good.

I realize that change is a good thing but can we just have maybe one or two things change and in those changes not affect my ice cream??