Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bewitching Dreams Come True

Sorry I haven't updated the blog lately, just haven't been near a working computer much.

Anyway, I wanted to post about my most favorite weekend of the summer so far! And that was June 18 - 20 for the Bewitched FanFare 2010 in Los Angeles, CA.

I posted below about how I was going to meet Dr. Bombay aka Bernard Fox...and I did!! And it was even better than I could've imagined!! The events were held at the cute and classy French Market Restaurant. I dressed up in my finest duds and we got there at about 5 for dinner where me and my friends sat up in the gazebo. Soon Mr. Fox arrived with his wife and daughter Amanda and her lover, Lisa. I was astonished at how tall Mr. Fox is! They sat on the ground floor and it was all I could do to not go stare. Here was Dr. Bombay in real life eating dinner with me!! Soon, Mark, the event organizer, came and took me to meet Mr. Fox. As he is older his eyesight and hearing are going but he was so nice.

After dinner we gathered in a little area for a presentation. I sat with the Fox family right behind Mr. Fox and we watched a clip show of his performances as Dr. Bombay. After that it was my turn to give my presentation which I present here along with Mr. Fox's acceptance speech. Unfortunately he doesn't speak very loud but there are still some funny moments and the last minute of the last video is the best!

Afterwards Mr. Fox signed autographs while I visited with Mrs. Fox and Amanda. Both are so funny and witty! I got my pic with Mr. Fox and the family before the night was out. I don't know why put the pics are cut off on the right because of the blog formatting which I can't figure out how to correct but if you click on the pic you'll see the full picture.

The next night there were several guest stars that showed up and wouldn't you know it, I forgot my camera and can't find the pics of me with them that were taken by others. However there was Art Metrano who appeared in five episodes and is best known as Lt. Mowser in the "Police Academy" movies, Bobby Hart of the music group Boyce & Hart who wrote the Monkees songs and appeared in one of my most favorite Bewitched episodes, Steve Franken who appeared in eight episodes and who I met in 2008, Heather Woodruff Perry who was a secretary in three episodes and who I met also in 2008 and best of all, William Asher, the show's producer/director and husband of Elizabeth Montgomery showed up!! I met him in 2008 but he seemed in better health this time. He also confirmed that when Liz would dress as Samantha's sultry brunette cousin Serena he would take her home like that for some "fun". LOL

The last day we went to the WB Ranch where the outdoor scenes of Bewitched were filmed. While we were all basking in the glory of 1164 Morning Glory Circle, a sleek silver Thunderbird pulled up in the driveway and out stepped a beautiful blonde woman who announced, "I'm home!" It was Tabitha aka Erin Murphy!! I was so excited as I didn't think she would join us, especially since I had essentially pestered her on Twitter. She was so beautiful and nice and we all got pics and autographs with her as well as a big group photo out in the front of the house.

After the Ranch and a pizza lunch at Shakey's, we went back to the French Market and met Ron Masak, guest in four episodes and better known as the Sheriff from "Murder She Wrote". He is one of the nicest men you will ever meet, so full of light and laughter.

After playing some games and listening to Heather Woodruff Perry's memories of the show as well as from her career, it was all over.

I'm so happy that my dreams have come true in meeting Dr. Bombay AND Tabitha! However, there is one more magical thing that happened that weekend, one thing I thought would NEVER happen! I met this beautiful cute girl named Lindsay, a Bewitched fan as well! She had brought a painting for the cast to sign and I thought she was married so I didn't really interact with her until after I got home. As we conversed I found out that the guy I thought was her husband was her uncle! And that Lindsay was really taken by me:) So I'm in my first long distance relationship and I loving it!

Thank you Mark Simpson for being a dream maker!