Friday, February 16, 2007

SON OF A....!!!

A little back story before I begin...I moved into the place I am now last year. For the majority of the time it was just my cousin, myself and our friend. Well Cousin decided he needed to move home to save money before he moves to school so Friend and I put up an ad for a new roommate and a day later we had one. We'll call him George. His father actually called wanting to make sure that we didn't get rid of the room because he really wanted George to have it and after speaking with George, who was moving up from the bottom of the state, we felt like he would be a good match. He sounded very educated and smart and we figured if his dad was calling on his behalf than it was good. So he moved in about a week later.

We found that he had been divorced about six months previous. He was wanting to get a fresh start. He also seemed to always be gone to friends' houses which was good for us cause then we didn't feel we had to entertain him. Well, we also started noticing that when rent or bills came due he would never be around and he didn't get a cell phone til last month so there was no way to call him. He paid last month's rent 5 days late and was REALLY late with bills. We also found him to be very flakey, like he would say he was going to be home for something and then wouldn't show up.

Last week he signed a lease with us and today (one day after the rent was due which he said he would pay) he leaves a note saying he is going to pay it on Saturday and that he is moving out. Well, this is good in the fact that now we don't have to worry about whether he is going to pay his portion of stuff...the bad thing is we don't have anyone to pay his portion of stuff and Friend and I can't do it on our own...