Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My dad passes a milestone

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog in almost a YEAR!! That's because it's been so crazy! Let me sum it up real quick before I get to what I wanted to post about.

1. My dad was in the hospital for the first four months as he had to have his left foot mostly amputated due to complications from diabetes and infections. It was a REALLY hard time for every one because at one point the infections caused him to go crazy where he was seeing people that weren't there and wasn't able to feed himself. Anyway, he went home in April and he's doing fine.

2. I became a PUBLISHED AUTHOR of The Omni-Directional Three-Dimensional Vectoring Paper-Printed Omnibus for Bewitched Analysis a.k.a. The Bewitched History Book! You can read all about that book's journey on my other blog at http://bewitchedhistorybook.blogspot.com/.

3. Got a new job at Altius Health Plans as a customer service rep and now I do claims. I love it so much more than Verizon...I freakin' HATED that job!

4. My roomie Jenn moved out in August and my brother Paul moved in. It's the first time in the history of this place amongst my friends where it's only been males living here. This also means my nephew, Mayson, is here a lot and it's been fun.

So that's about it....but now on to why I came here tonight.

I know nobody else in the world would think about this, but I like to dwell on morbid things. More like morbid milestones. The morbid milestone I've been thinking about for awhile happened early this morning, about 3:30 AM, if I remember correctly. And that is, that my dad officially became the exact same age as his father, Grandpa Pierce, when Grandpa passed away in 1991.

Yes, I know, why do I think of this stuff? I don't know. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my dad has followed the same health and not-so-wellness path as Grandpa did and so last year when my dad turned 70, I realized he was the same age as his father when he died.

Grandpa passed away Black Friday morning 1991. His birthday was Dec. 30, 1920. Because Thanksgiving was on November 28 that year, I calculated that he died 31 days before his 71st birthday. My dad's birthday is on December 21, 1941 and so 31 days before that was today, November 20, 2012.

So, needless to say, I'm thankful. He really should've passed away earlier this year, like I mentioned up top. We were all preparing for it. But he's still here and I'm glad. Especially since I've had like 10 friends who have lost their fathers this year.

Now, my weird brain has latched on to the fact that my dad was just about to turn 50 when Grandpa died. So if the same were to happen to me, it would be 13 years from now, and I believe I'm OK with that. However, if I'm being realistic, as his kidneys have pretty much shut down. But I can hope.