Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008 was GREAT!

If you've read some earlier posts, particularly the one about 2007, you'll know that I was not a happy camper when I wrote that...and for good reason: 2007 SUCKED! To quote the Simpsons, it was the suckiest suck that ever sucked! However, 2008 was not, thank you, God!

Here, for your perusal, and for my own records, is a listing of what happened in 2008. Like the 2007 recap the good stuff will be in GREEN and the bad stuff in RED.

  • Elizabeth Montgomery FINALLY received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, but still cool.
  • The STUPID dentist advised me that for all the other work I needed, it would be an additional $4,000!!! This is on top of the $8,000 he's all ready charged! I agreed to it not knowing what else to do, so I'm royally screwed.
  • A friend reveals that she's pregnant. Not just that but by the brother of an infamous person in Utah. I find it hard to believe.
  • Tried out one of the Why-The-Hell-Aren't-You-Married-Yet wards and came home horribly depressed because it felt like an exclusive club, even though the Sacrament Meeting was really good.
  • My dad expressed, in words, his love for my mom totally catching her off guard as he usually doesn't verbalize it.
  • Dad had a hernia operation and was in and out of the hospital for about a week because he's so sick with diabetes.
  • I received a book called "Cinema Salem" by Peter Mac about the filmatic history of Salem. There is pic of me in it with the rest of the Bewitched group from our convention in Salem in 2006.
  • President Gordon B. Hinckley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, passed away. It was sad, but a blessing for him that he could be reunited with his wife who had passed away a couple years earlier.
  • Paula Abdul released "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow", her first single in 13 years! And it is AWESOME!!
  • Dad, Pibby, Jenny and I attended President Hinckley's funeral at the Conference Center. it was a very good funeral and I was so blessed to have been at it.
  • Thomas S. Monson was announced as the next President of the Church. I love and admire him!
  • I attended the Parley's 7th Ward for the first time, and I really liked it.
  • One of Pibby's friends threw him a Bachelor Party that was seriously so lame!! But we turned it into a fun night by going to the hookah bar.
  • Pibby and Jenny got married on March 15. I was really happy and really sad that day.
  • Mayson turned two. He had two birthday parties, one at my mom's house and one at his house.
  • Everyone in my house got sick with sore throat and a terrible cough. My mom even lost her voice.
  • In preparation for receiving new carpet, Heather and I pulled up the old carpet and during the process I rubbed my eyes causing HORRIBLE pink eye!! The doctor said he hadn't seen such a severe case and I was off work for three days, hardly able to see.
  • I won a collection of 12 photos from Bewitched on eBay for only $12.00. Turns out they are RARE! So rare in fact, that the Bewitched Collector, my friend Mark, hadn't ever seen any of them before!
  • My entire family (minus Pibby and Jenny who all ready went for their honeymoon) went to Oahu for a week with Jody's parents and her sister Jaycie's husband and child. It was SOOOO much fun!! I LOVE HAWAII!!!!
  • Started listening to 97.1 ZHT's Morning Zoo. They make me happy.

  • The computer bit the dust for about a week and it was shear torture, though by the end of it I kind of didn't want it back because I actually had to think of stuff to do to bide my time.
  • The Sixth Season of "Bewitched" was released on DVD. It's the first with the second Darrin and it was awesome to see the episodes in their entirety. Gave me a whole new appreciation for Dick Sargent.
  • Went to my cousin Tracey's graduation from Walla Walla University with my parents. He received his Master's Degree in Psychology.
  • Attended the "Bewitched" FanFare in Burbank, CA. It was awesome! I met William Asher (the director and Liz Montgomery's husband at the time), Billie Hayes (she was a wicked witch on "Bewitched"), Heather Woodruff Perry (Darrin's secretary) and Steve Franken (frequent guest star on "Bewitched"), plus I won a replica diamond heart necklace like Samantha wore AND the Holy Grail of "Bewitched" collecting, the 1965 Ideal Samantha doll in a reproduction box!

  • Joined Facebook and I cannot believe how many long lost friends I'm reconnecting with. It's awesome!
  • Went on the Morning Zoo's show with my "Bewitched" collectibles and had a lot of fun being on the radio.

  • The Slack Family Bear Lake outing was fun and peaceful. Bear Lake is essentially like Hawaii, but less green.

  • Met Cindy HOT Crawford at RC Willey's where she was schlepping her new furniture line. She's awesome!
  • Jenny's car got stolen the night of Heather's birthday.
  • My friend that I mentioned claimed she was pregnant in January really was pregnant gave birth to the sweetest baby boy. I need to give people more credit I guess.
  • Taught Priesthood for the very first time in Parley's 7th. It was scary but everyone seemed to really enjoy me as the teacher.

  • It was announced that amongst a handful of new temples, there would be one built in Rome, Italy, the Catholic capital of the world!! AWESOME!!!!
  • Turned 32:( I hung out at the radio station again and celebrated at Pizza Factory with all my favorite people.
  • I had to bow out of Halloween in Reno for the second time in a row cause I'm so poor. It was really depressing but...
  • ...I did go to a Halloween party with a really cute girl from work. I was Dr. Bombay and I really liked my costume.
  • Mayson has started speaking in full sentences which is cool, but sad, cause he's growing up so fast!

  • For the first time ever, I voted for the Democrat candidate for President, Barack Obama, who won. Watching his victory speech was so powerful! I felt like it was one of the most important moments in U.S. History.
  • I won the Harpies Bizarre Halloween decorating contest by default of me being the only entrant! LOL I won a 60s Samantha Halloween costume in the box.
  • I reconnected with my good friends Ian and Mackenize and went to dinner with them. It was so nice to see them and know that we're still friends even if we don't ever see each other. I also got to meet their son Jack who bears my last name as his middle name in honor of me playing Cupid for his parents. He's an awesome kid!
  • I met CNN's Anderson Cooper at a lecture he was giving. He's awesome!
  • Spoke in Sacrament Meeting for the first time in four years. I really enjoy speaking.
  • Watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in it's entirety for the first time ever. It was a great start to an awesome Thanksgiving over at the Wilde's.

  • I put up outside lights for the first time ever on my parent's house.
  • The Annual Slack Family Christmas Party was so awesome this year! It hasn't been so great the past couple years, but this year the magic was recaptured, probably on account of Mr. and Mrs. Claus making a return and watching Mayson interact with them.
  • My siblings and I bought Mom a new kitchen table that's really nice for Christmas. She loved it!
  • Christmas, of course, was really great.