Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007, see you in hell!

Though this post may be more potent had I written it on January 1 or even December 31 it's been written in my head and just now am I able to post it.

Needless to say, 2007 was THE worst year ever!! True, it seems that in my life odd numbered years seem to be crappy but this one took the crap cake. Normally at the end of a year I'm able to write down lots of good things that happened every month and some bad things creep in but literally, there are only about four good things that happened in 2007. Here now for your perusal, month by month, is why 2007 needs to eat it!! Bad is in RED and good is in GREEN.

  • I had the flu or something like unto it for the first couple weeks of January.
  • Tracey moved out of Tard mansion leaving Michelle and I with Chad, who never was at home.
  • Michelle decided that the living room was her place only so I wasn't able to put up any of my pictures even though we all pay the same amount in rent.
  • Mayson gave me a kiss all by himself. He also started crawling, but only backwards.
  • Carly FINALLY divorced that dumb ass Steve she was married to.
  • My Dad found that he is going to need a kidney transplant because he is going into kidney failure and the doctor only gave him three years to live. Before this though, he will need his gall bladder taken out.
  • I met Jeddah Carrell at work. She is really funny and cute.
  • Janene Clark's husband, Wade, up and died for unknown reasons.
  • Trolley Square shootings.
  • Gave Shula a kiss on Valentine's Day but I don't think she liked it.
  • Chad, who never paid his bills or rent, abandoned us and left his stuff.
  • Shula totally didn't even call to tell me about a dance they were going to until they were there for about two hours and were going to leave! She also chose to go bowling with her roommates instead of me on a double date so I gave up on her.
  • Michelle gave me "The Book of Witches" for Valentine's Day.
  • Mayson got a viral lung infection and had to spend two night's up at the hospital.
  • Made a cool card for Jeddah asking her out and she accepted.
  • Jeddah and I got in trouble for long breaks at work and were forced to never sit next to each other again.
  • Mayson sits up all by himself.
  • Mayson crawled forward for the first time and to me:)
  • Went on a date with Jeddah to the Scottish Bagpipe Festival with Tracy and Michelle. Jeddah broke the all ready iffy chair at our house but our date was fun.
  • Mayson had his 1st birthday.
  • Got Ruby from MySpace's phone number. 
  • Went out with Ruby for the first time.
  • Planned and executed my mom's surprise 60th birthday party. It went very well except for my dad not showing up because for some reason he didn't know where the church was that it was being held at even though he helped build it. I think senility is creeping in.
  • Shootings at Virginia Tech.
  • Michelle and Michael's wedding shower at the Grand America.
  • I received "A Diary of a Genie" from the webmaster of the Jeannie Journal for running an episode game. It is THE coolest book!
  • Michelle's friend, Kathy, moves in with her cute beagle, Tuesday.
  • I was offered a job at Amanda's father's work but had to decline when I found that they couldn't pay me as much as I wanted.
  • I signed the early out list at work and was let go at around 2 PM. It was raining horribly and I decided to go find the address of the author of "Diary of a Genie" as he lives in SLC. On my way there I saw a man walking along the edge of the on ramp to North Temple and discovered it was my dad who had blown a tire! What a blessing it was that I found him!
  • Chad never paid his full portion of rent or bills so Michelle and I were stuck with that though we had been told to forget about his portion of the rent by the landlord.
  • Mayson had to go to the ER again when he started choking on his own vomit.
  • I was so sick on May 18, the anniversary of Elizabeth Montgomery's death which I usually commemorate, that I slept most of the day and didn't do anything for it except watch the tape of news clips from that day.
  • I've lost a total of 16 lbs at Weight Watchers!
  • Mayson knows "Pat-a-Cake" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".
  • Jeddah quits the post office and has been acting very strange towards me. She ends her relationship with me but not returning any texts (she's the texting queen) or calling.
  • I was told by the kidney specialist that I'm too fat to donate a kidney for my dad.
  • Mayson scrunches up his face and breathes real hard and it's way funny. He does it all the time.
  • Michelle and Michael got married and it was seriously the second best wedding I've ever been to (Paul and Jody's was the first). But Michelle is staying here until Michael retires from the Marines so I'm really sad for both of them having to live apart.
  • I helped paint Heather's room for money as I'm so poor.
  • The Post Office only schedules us four days a week now and the days we are there they send us home early.
  • Paula Abdul's new reality series "Hey Paula" premieres and Bravo, the network that runs it, holds a contest for her biggest fan to be the blogger so I enter.
  • My friends and I discussed having a fun, but cheap, 4th of July. Amanda offered up her parent's cabin and then proceeded to purchase all this food that she expected each of us to pay $50 for!! We still went but there was tension in the air and none of us paid, or will, pay her. I should've just went with my family to Cherry Hill.
  • John and Chelsea found this black Shit-Poo puppy wandering the streets and Michelle decided to keep her, even though Kathy and I had said we'd rather than she didn't. The dog was named KeeLee and she is noisy and shits and pisses everywhere, even though when Kathy's dog did that Michelle got all mad about it. Plus, Michelle's cousin turned her in for harboring a stray and Michelle went through all sorts of unnecessary measures to keep the dog and has written her cousin out of her life.
  • A friend's brother died from complications of diabetes plus this friend has just seriously been irritating lately.
  • I won the "Hey Paula" blogging contest!!! The prize is being the blogger and a $500 Bravo Gift pack.
  • I started going to Dr. Nelson for a severe tooth pain which I had a root canal on but it was the starting of more teeth work which Dr. Nelson says adds up to $10,000.
  • Dad had his gall bladder removed and didn't do well at all in recovery and in fact was in the hospital for a week making it so that my mom missed her only vacation to Bear Lake with her family.
  • Started dating Ruby.
  • Our landlord was robbed and he lives in the unit next door to us.
  • Mayson starts saying "Oh no!" He's so cute! And he just loves me.
  • After Dad gets out of the hospital, he has to go back after a couple days because of an infection.
  • Mayson started walking.
  • Became exclusive with Ruby. She's really nice but I'm not sure how I feel about her.
  • My cell phone was shut off for about two weeks because I simply don't have enough money for everything.
  • Broke up with Ruby and really broke her heart but I just didn't feel the "spark" with her that I wanted to be there.
  • Grandma Pierce was hospitalized and moved to the rest home from assisted living. They also say she has a form of cancer that lies dormant awhile and then when it "wakes" it kills almost instantly and it could do so at any time.
  • My mom's favorite car was stolen from her work and found later beat all to hell.
  • Pibby's car was broke into at Paul and Jody's and his iPod and computer drawing tablet were stolen as well as a window broken.
  • Received Gina Meyer's 2nd edition of her Bewitched Trivia book and found that Pibby, who HATES Bewitched, was pictured in it twice because he came to a Bewitched convention in 2005.
  • Had a really nice dinner at my friend Wendy's, whom I hadn't seen forever.
  • Held my own 31st birthday party at the Pizza Factory. It was a lot of fun because everyone I love was there.
  • I got kicked out of the Single's Ward because I'm too now I don't know where I want to go to church.
  • The "Hey Paula" prize pack finally arrived and it SUCKED!! It contained all these shirts from shows I don't even watch, bumper stickers from those same shows, all seven episodes of "Hey Paula" on individual DVDs that they made and a Wonder Woman bobblehead....yeah, right it's all worth $500!
  • For the first time in about five years I didn't go to Reno for Halloween cause I was too poor. It was really depressing.
  • Went Trick-or-Treating with Mayson (which I still could've done even had I gone to Reno) and it was a lot of fun.
  • Gave my 30 day move out notice to Michelle. I have to move back to my parent's because my dentist bill is so big!
  • Mom's boss told her she was laid off but then said she didn't say that cause the boss, Nancy, is crazy as hell!
  • Applied at 23947239847239472 places and NONE of them would hire me.
  • Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic.
  • Kathy attempted suicide on Thanksgiving Day and we found out about it that weekend and took her to the UNI at the U of U.
  • Was on the KSL Evening News cause I was talking about the weather and how I braved it to come visit Dick Nourse on his last evening there.
  • Pibby, who has been dating Jenny for about three months, proposed to her! I'm happy for him but sad for me cause I should've been married by now.
  • Moved back to my parent's house, which is both good and bad.
  • My dad had to be hospitalized and they think he may have had a mild heart attack a couple months ago.
  • Found out that Michelle and I are responsible for Chad's missing rent.
  • Decided I couldn't afford to go to Elizabeth Montgomery's Star Ceremony. I officially didn't go on ANY trips this year (except for Bear Lake but that sucked cause my mom couldn't go). I usually go on two trips a year.
  • Christmas was really good.
So there...I'm sorry it's so long but I just had to get it out of my system and really see what sucked and what didn't. I'm so glad it's over though!!!